And These Signs Will Follow Them…

What a year it has been. When I prayed with my best friend on New Year's Day 2017 in Poland for the upcoming year, I did not and could not ever imagine that God would do the things that He has done in my life this year. It takes my breath away and really stirs... Continue Reading →


Featured Testimony: Jews and Jesus

God is a God of Reconciliation. He is uniting man unto Himself, regardless of their background. That is the power of the cross! Those who have already been reconciled to Christ, our job is to be God's ambassadors here in the world: to find all the lost sheep and bring them back to call back... Continue Reading →

And the Witches Gathered

  February 2016 In this dream I was in highschool staying in a boarding school. It reminded me of an old, red-brick boarding school in England. I was in a room filled with a lot of desks. At the desks were pupils studying. I think we were all wearing a uniform. Our studying was interrupted... Continue Reading →

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