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Nothing Just Happens…

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IMG_8653 By Pst Don Woke – 21/01/2018

When we were growing up, we didn’t have animated cartoons on television as we have these days. Rather, we watched the puppets. As a child, I always wondered how those puppets moved and talked. Then one day, I saw tiny strings that dangled as the puppets moved. It then occurred to me that the puppets didn’t just move, rather, someone was controlling the movement of the puppets. There was a Puppet Master who was working behind the scenes to direct what we watched.

Often, we hear people say: “life just happens!” But really, does life just happen? Facts of life seem to prove otherwise. The truth is that in most situations in life, if we do nothing, then nothing happens. The Universal Law of Cause and Effect implies that for every effect there is a definite cause and vice versa. So, nothing just happens!

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A Promise for 2018

Whatever may come in this new year, let us not fear, for the Lord God Almighty is our refuge, our strong tower, our shield, our rock and our stronghold. Let's leave Fear behind as we go foward into our future, like mighty warriors of the Lord Most High, his honoured Kings and Priest, his beloved... Continue Reading →

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