An Encouragement for Prophets and Seers 1

After my deliverance process started two Sundays ago (20.08.17) I tried to lie down in the afternoon to take a nap. Although I was exhausted I could not sleep. As soon as I closed my eyes, I would hear a voice praying and I heard the words as tongues in my mind. I recognised it... Continue Reading →


When the Kingdom of God Crashes with the Kingdom of the Enemy

When I read this, I realised, I was that man in the synagogue. A believer, sitting in church and walking out my faith, growing in my relationship with God, laying my life down and letting God take control. It was me. The kingdom of God was being expanded inside of me...and that is when "all... Continue Reading →

Can Christians Be Deceived?

Yes! Full article here: Deceived Due To Ignorance Qoute from the article "When a man becomes a child of God, by the regenerating power of the Spirit, giving him new life as he trusts in the atoning work of Christ, he does not at the same time receive fullness of knowledge, either of God, himself,... Continue Reading →

Call for Intercession

This reminds me a lot of a vision I received last year; Imprisoned Mothers and their Children Please pray and intercede. See more when you click here: pray for Pastor Kim

Suicide and the Spirit of Death

Last week Sunday I received deliverance. I won't go into all the details but focus on something that I want to warn others about. During the deliverance, the deliverance minister was able to discern that I had a spirit of death. She asked me if I have ever attempted suicide or had suicidal thoughts. The... Continue Reading →

I DO Believe, Help My Unbelief!

Today I want to encourage believers. God has been really working in my life and my faith has grown a lot. The growing of faith requires that we as Christians work together in obedience with the Holy Spirit when He guides and also to just step out in faith. When we step out in faith,... Continue Reading →

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